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Monday, May 28, 2007

Quickly...as its past bedtime already.

We celebrated R's promotion with Coldstone Creamery ice cream yesterday....possibly the best idea ever.

Today we just took it slow and relaxed.

We also bought a 46" LCD flat panel TV, a camcorder, new uniform items for R and another Playstation 3 wireless controller. We have had wedding money saved for the TV, waiting to buy it after we moved. Then, we signed up for the NEX credit card to get 10% off the TV and because we got 10% off for the whole day, we decided to buy the other stuff now as well.

Thats all for now, we're tired and still have stuff to do before bed.

R will be making an update in a day or so, nothing spectacular, just cuz he hasn't in a while.


Booboomesser said...

I'm jealous...all them new toys!

kykin said...

Congratulations, Richard! So what is the new rank? Stacey, good totalk to you the other night.

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