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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Busch Gardens and more

The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT) on our first time through.

Ships at Norfolk (Naaw-fuuk) Naval Station as viewed from the HRBT

Crazy coasters at Busch Gardens.
My magnificent husband.

A neat building we saw from the interstate.

Kiddie "Dragon Land" viewed from the air ride.

The new ride...The Griffon. Three rows of ten seats across. This view shows how only the middle three or four are on the track, three on each side hang off the side of the track.

Another view of the three seats hanging off the side of the Griffon.

The Griffon. Hanging in wait above the 205 ft 90 degree straight down drop. It just hangs there for 5 full seconds.
The Griffon goes into water, you don't get wet but it provides this impressive display.

Richard got his Journeyman card.

Our new computer that Richard built. Its black with clear sides and lots of blue lights.

The 90 degree straight down drop.

My new plant up close.
Our photo signature mat up on the wall.

Richard's Journeyman certificate and letter and holder.

The babies that just arrived outside our house.
A sign we saw at the beach, which we found out means no swearing in public.
A close up of the shirt R got at Busch Gardens.

Our new houseplant :-)

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