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Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is how the new uniform looks. :D I couldn't stop smiling after Stacey sewed the patch on for me last night. Its a nice relief knowing that I made it and can reenlist after these next 2 years is over with. Assuming I ever graduate from this class that I'm in. Still haven't had any word and its about 5 weeks now that we've been on hold. I don't really mind so much because of the time off, but its driving others nuts in my class who have family elsewhere and had plans after graduation which is getting pushed back over a month. Anyone want to sign up for the job of seamstress? Or seamster?

This is a picture Stacey took while outside of the building I was frocked in. The ceremony wasn't anything real spectacular because its a training command and not very many people were promoted that are here. 5 were promoted to E5, and 2 were promoted to E6. Very small numbers. Navy wide there weren't very many people who made advancement. Our rate is locked up :/

This is the top portion of the certificate I have. Not sure why she zoomed in to the top part, but here it is lol. I zoomed in so you could (kind of) read the sentence under number 1 that says you are hereby authorized to assume the title and wear the uniform of a Second Class Petty Officer immediately.

Pictures Stacey found and showed to me. These birds are pretty cool and this one has some long feathers on it. This bird was in a greenhouse/nursery Mom, Dad and I visited while I was home in MI, it was just chillin in the back room, walking in circles.

And another shot of it. Its highest feathers were definitely taller than me, by a lot. Mom and I were standing about 10 feet from it and it was just prancing around.

I'm sorry but those are some ugly dogs lol I had a friend who had a few of those dogs n they were really dumb n made us laugh. But they're kind of so ugly their cute in my opinion and they're really sweet. They're Kyle & Kristen's "foster boxers".

The long awaited TV is finally here! Always wanted a big screen and we were finally able to get one. Had the money set aside for it quite some time now and went out and got one. Its a 46" Sharp Aquos LCD 1080p Kept going back n forth on the lcd and plasmas then finally decided on this for now. I don't have to sit on the coffee table playing my games anymore, I can sit on the couch and see everything just fine :D Or he could just put his glasses on, but no.....we had to get a giant TV.

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