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Sunday, May 6, 2007

An Update from Rich

Yesterday we went to see Spiderman 3 and it turned out really well. There was quite a bit more drama in this one as the others but the action was great so it balanced out. There was this one small part that was a bit strange but just a small one, so all in all it was a good movie. The theater wasn't in that great of shape so we'll be looking for a different one next time we decide to go out for a movie.

We went to another church again today and it ended up just like the rest. Very odd. We thought we'd try a diferent one again but I think we'll end up going back to one we liked.

An update about school is that I've been on hold for a week now and not sure how much longer. Somehow things got mixed up with the instructors and they are teaching what they are qualified to teach, but they weren't sent there to teach for that specific class so they were told they can't teach until things get figured out. So they aren't doing anything wrong, but they aren't doing things right either technically. So they put out from Pensacola the main training command that all schooling is to be on hold until further notice, so all last week we didn't do anything and hopefully this week they'll have something figured out. I kind of hope they don't 'cause I enjoy all this time of for relaxing not having to do anything.

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