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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday update

The doc said things were AMAZINGLY better this time than last time. He said he didn't tell me last time but I had only a 35% chance of carrying the baby even to 8 months. And that the hematoma was the biggest he had ever seen in his 20 year career. He said if it was the same size this time or bigger still, he was going to refer me to a specialist, feeling it was out of his range.

However, it shrunk from the size of a 5.5cm 3D sphere to that of a 3cm flat circle. This way, not only is is less in size, it also takes up almost no room, as it is basically flat. The difference of a baseball in my uterus compared to a piece of cardboard.

He said the baby is 3.5 inches long from head to butt (or CRL Crown Rump Length), which is right on target. Because of this good progress, he is moving my dr. appt schedule to "normal" which means I see him not again til 16.5 weeks, 4 weeks from now. This is good, but I was liking the pictures every two weeks.

Also, he told me, that in the third "set" of ultrasound pictures on our website, you can see the hematoma very clearly. This is actually the 5th picture down if you're counting the ones with the arrows and non arrows. The baby is laying on his/her back and you can see a white circular, U shaped object hanging down right next to the baby. This is the hematoma, ideally, this whole area around the baby would be a black sphere.

He also said he couldn't endorse travel at all in the 3rd trimester but he wouldn't stop me at the airport. He said the major risk is blood clots. He said air travel is much better than car travel though, as the most I can be in a seated position from this point out is 2 1/2 hours. I have to sit for 2 1/2 hours, then get up and walk around and eat/drink for at least a half hour before sitting again. Not bad, we can handle that. Now we just have to hope that everything is boringly normal from here on out so I have no questions about traveling by air home for Christmas, when I am 31 weeks preggo.

All in all, the baby is doing completely better than last appointment, when we had pretty dismal results. We are so excited! As I think I said last time, we might actually have this kid after all.


Anonymous said...

Hey - is it just me or is there a little 'something' on one of those US pics that could indicate a gender???? Hmmmmm Stacey - could there be???

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do think I see a bow on top of HER head.

Anonymous said...

Is that what they're calling it now - a bow??? Hmmmm

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