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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blah, blah, blah

Time is passing very slowly right now. I'm still not able to do much, pretty worn out most of the time, so we're mostly staying close to home. We've pretty much cleaned or re-organized everything in the house in the last couple weeks.

We did go out on Monday to an outlet mall about an hour away. We were mostly looking for clothes for me but didn't have much luck. But it was fun to spend a day together away from the house.

We're excited to have mom & dad and gma & gpa (his) coming in just over a week, that should be really fun as well as help time pass a little faster. Then, just a week after that mom & dad and Kyle and Kristen are coming out. Then we'll be in the second week of October and our first anniversary. As slowly as time seems to be going sometimes, it seems to have gone pretty fast for this first year.

Thankfully the first three months were the most eventful in a bad way and things have calmed down since then. Right now we're starting to look for a new vehicle, prepare for baby (of course) and decide what we want to do about housing. Lots of changes coming up but for now its just same ole, same ole.

R is working nights but so far has not gotten home later than 10 so I at least get to see him to say goodnight. That has been really nice, but we've been warned not to get used to that. He's still waiting to hear if he gets the leave he requested for when family will be here. Hopefully he will, they have some fun ideas planned for us to do together. I am still working 3 days a week, and for right now I am still on temp status even though I've put in my 3 months hours wise. But things are pretty hectic there right now so the boss just wants to keep me on as temp now til he has time to think about the best way to go forward. The problem is that no one at the company is part time except for me, so he's having a hard time hiring me normally, but is trying to work something else out. Who knows, but for now, everything is still the same, and I'm still getting paid so we're all good.

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