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Friday, November 30, 2007

The latest drama

Just to keep everyone up to date on my oh so normal pregnancy......here is the latest.

I have been having some lovely pregancy complications for the last week or two. Namely,
Repeated Temporary Blindness with white twinkling lights
Numbness and Tingling in both hands

So...I've been in close contact with my ob this week, talking to him multiple times on the phone and in his office on Wednesday and again today. He did ten thousand (at least it felt like that) tests including blood and urine tests, blood pressure checks, baby fetal monitoring, baby measurements, neurological exams and of course more bloodwork.

He said the contractions would happen from here on out and were nothing to worry about. Just to call him if I "have more than 4 an hour, cuz then you're having a baby".

On Wednesday he told me he was going to set me up with an opthamologist and a neurologist to check on the "blackouts" and the hand numbness. I saw the ob this morning at 9am for a shot and follow up tests from Wednesday. Then at 1, I went to the neurologist and at 3:15 I went to the opthamologist.

The neurologist did a thourough neurological exam and used needles and electrodes up and down both arms to test for carpel tunnel. He said I do indeed have "severe carpel tunnel" in both wrists, so much so that he was surprised my hands, the right one especially, are still functioning. He prescribed a wrist splint for the right arm and gave me cortizone shots (NOT FUN AT ALL) in both wrists.

Yes, for the ones who are keeping track, this is over 50 needles now that I have had in my body TODAY ALONE.

He said I have a good, but not guarranteed chance of it going away after delivery. Most pregnancy carpel tunnel goes away within 1-2 weeks of delivery but because mine is so severe and hereditary (thanks Mom), he is not going to tell me that will happen for me.

My sight has been going completely going black, both eyes, and seeing white twinkling lights, lasting for 3-5 seconds each time, but no headaches or dizziness. He said this was "troublesome" to him because if it was accompanied by headaches or dizziness or lasted for 5-15 minutes, it would just be associated with migranes and he would prescribe me a pill, but since mine did not fit that description that would not do.

The only other time he has seen this type of thing is when the person has a hole in their heart. So, he is setting me up for testing at the hospital, a total of three tests, for now. And bloodwork, of course. He said it might not be a hole in the heart, but obviously we want to rule that out first. He said if something alarming comes back or if he wants more testing done right away, he will call me. In the meantime, call him if they start to happen more frequently.

The good news is the opthamologist said he found no problems with my vision, both my glasses and contacts are the correct perscription and he (through MANY tests) found no eyesight problems.

Barring anything unusual (I know, I know, but I can hope)...
I see the ob again December 14.
I see the neurologist again January 14.
I see the opthamologist again December 21.


Booboomesser said...

Dang. I never heard of pregnancy carpal tunnel! Could you possibly get every weird thing associated with pregnancy that could happen!? If I were you, after this, the kid would be an only kid! lol. But seriously, I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time. I hope everything gets better from here. I can't believe you have over 2 months time that you will be experiencing contractions! Lucky girl. not.

Kerstin said...

!!!that is awful!!!
I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! You better start practicing your strict parent voices and tell Little Miss Lilly to stop being such a troublemaker! :(

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