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Friday, January 18, 2008

A state of emergency

The half hour show I was watching on tv has had a constant icon in the upper left corner of the screen, a constant ticker at the bottom of the screen and the show has been interrupted twice now (22 minutes in) with warnings of this breaking news.....

We are in a state of "winter storm warning".

Even if one thought this was overkill, one might think the message was justified, IF....

It were not followed by the words "1-2 inches of snow are expected within the next 48 hours, no accumulation is expected."

Yes, I would definintly call that a winter storm warning worthy of constant announcement....

only in Virginia.

UPDATE AS OF SUNDAY MORNING: We received MAYBE 5 flakes of snow total yesterday, mixed in with the constant rain. This morning is bright and sunshiney, no sign of the "state of emergency" this state was expecting. Big surprise! I wonder what everyone will do with all those extra gallons of water and logs they stocked up on on Friday??


Kerstin said...

Out here, they issue grassland fire danger warnings constantly. ice storm followed by 2 days of pouring rain? yup, fire danger an hour after the rain stops.

Hope you don't get buried under all that snow ;)

Booboomesser said...


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