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Monday, August 3, 2009

Richard's Shoulder Update

UPDATE AUGUST 3: Richard saw the Orthopedist, Dr. Bischoff again this morning to discuss the results of the EMG.

The EMG report officially stated "suprascapular neuropathy with involvement of supraspinatus and infraspinatus."

Dr. Bischoff said today:
1. He doesn't think surgery is going to help. But he is referring to an orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion.
2. The nerve grows 1mm a day. At that rate it is going to take 6-10 months, more, to fully heal.
3. The bike accident fractured his shoulder. Yes, BROKE HIS SHOULDER. Yes, in February. Yes, they are just finding this out now. He said the fracture is now showing as healed, so there's nothing we need to do about it (other than know the Naval Hospital ER who turned him away was COMPLETELY WRONG TO DO SO).
4. He put in a prescription for more pain meds, Richard is on them almost 24/7 now.
5. He wants to see Richard every 4-6 weeks for the next ten months, to measure any improvement.
6. He wants Richard to go to Rehab 2-3 times a week until this is fully healed (6-10 more months). Rehab will last from 1-2 hours each session.
7. He said probably in January Richard would have to do a Limdu Board. That is a review board that will determine the status of Richard's injury at that time, and MAY keep him off the boat. We do not know if this means he would be on "sea duty" but not go out to sea, extend his shore duty until he is healed-and then transfer to his 3 year of sea duty, or he would start his sea duty on time, but his sea duty time would just be extended to add on the amount of time he is not eligible to go out to sea.

Tomorrow, Richard will pick up his prescription.
Wednesday, he will have his first Rehab appt.
Friday, He will have his next rehab appt.
Monday, He has an appt with his primary care physician, just to keep him updated. And he will have his third rehab appt. (Every M-W-F from now on).
August 25th, he will meet with Dr. Ellingson, the orthopedic surgeon.

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