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Monday, November 30, 2009

Playroom-Part 2

This window looks out onto our patio and has window clings on it, relevant to whatever we're studying at the moment. Currently it is colors. The orange tray is for art or eating in the living room. The pink bean bag is actually a Christmas present and isn't in there yet. The toy chest is another family heirloom. My great grandpa made it and my dad recently refinished it for Lillian. It houses toys that are out of rotation or still too old for her. This worked great, until recently when she learned how to open it. Now we're perfecting the look of death when she does open it, so she's slowly learning to leave it alone.
In the corner, behind the ball toy, is a basket full of dress up clothes. On top of the cabinet is a basket with learning tools for whatever we're currently studying, along with one of my curriculum books. I'm just realizing I should have taken a photo with the cabinet doors open. In the cabinet are art supplies, learning tools that aren't always out like flashcards, window clings, manipulatives, puzzles and games, along with a shelf of books that aren't board books so they can't be out in the open, but are young enough that she likes them to be read to her.
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