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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pray about....

This morning is Richard's neurologist appointment. It seems that whether he gets the orders to the Ike or not, all boils down to this appointment and whether the neurologist will write a letter of recommendation for deployment. We'll see. Pray about that please.

Also, Richard has been having to work extremely long hours lately, and its stressing him out and making me completely exhausted. Pray that it ends soon, at least a few days before we try to drive to Michigan.

Which brings me to another thing, we STILL don't know about holiday leave. Yup, its less than three weeks away. No, they care nothing about us. But it would really help in planning things if we could get approval from them to take leave. Pray about that please.

There are several practical and legal things we need to get done before Richard leaves for deployment (if he does). With the holidays, Lillian's birthday and his transfer leave being between now and then, its coming up super fast. Pray that we find out for sure soon and are able to get moving on all the details. We are very near to the 2 month window from the day he will leave.

Seems to me after reviewing this post that the Navy being dumb is doing a pretty good job of keeping the prayer lines to God strong. Gooooooo Navy!

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