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Friday, January 21, 2011

I saw my OB yesterday.  Bad news.  The hospital he does surgery at has just THIS WEEK changed their policy to state that no way, no how, no sir can you get a 2nd time c-section scheduled for any earlier than 39 weeks.  This is especially problematic for us since my 39 week mark is a Saturday, and of course they don't schedule c-sections for Saturdays or Sundays, AND on Monday, Richard is gone-for 10 days.  SO...we were hoping for the Thursday before-when I would be 38w5d.  The hospital will make no exception. 

All it would take is my doctor moving up my due date by two days.  But no go.  Grumpy old man.  Refuses to have a heart and work with me.

Two freakin days people.  We're not even talking half a week.

And, its not like anyone thinks I will go that long anyways, but if by chance I do, I'm not having Richard miss it by TWO DAYS.

So....I'm now on the hunt for a new OB, that practices at a different hospital.  This hospital, I'm told, by a Labor & Delivery nurse has a policy that "elective c-sections" cannot be scheduled for any earlier than 39 weeks, BUT if you have any medical issue, it can be scheduled earlier than that.  She said I should have no problem getting an OB to schedule me for 38w5d there. 

However, I have had problems finding OBs who are a) taking new patients, b) taking new patients who are farther than 20 weeks along or c) taking new patients who are "high risk".  UGHHHHH

But, I do have an appointment with one, who MIGHT take me, but not until February 7th, which seems like ages away.

I do still have two on my list to try calling on Monday as I couldn't get ahold of them today.

So..................ya'll could be praying about that if ya would.

And as long as we're being specific, if baby comes early, April 19th would be the ideal date.  Not A DAY earlier, not 5 days later.  Or April 5-12.  But thats even a little early for my wishing comfort.

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