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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A little about us

.............................................Richard Stacey
Favorite TV show: the Pretender Gilmore Girls
Favorite TV show no longer on TV: the Pretender Judging Amy
Material item you most want at this minute: Motorcycle House
Birthdate: 21apr82 March 19
Favorite color: Blue, black, silver Pink and Orange
Favorite meal: Steak n seafood Nachos, bread and potatoes
Favorite restaurant: Applebees CiCi's and Ruggerro's
Any broken bones: yes None currently, foot when younger
Eye color: blue ditto
Hair color: dirty blonde (you know you like it ;) ) Brownish orange
Height: 5'11" 5'2"
Favorite clothing stores: hot topic Gap, Limited
Best friend: Logan Ashley
Most scared of: death by disease Being truly alone
Favorite place: home bed
Favorite dessert: cheesecake brownies with choc chips in them and cream cheese frosting on top, straight from the fridge
Most embarrassing memory: being in front of large groups Skiing .... definintly skiing
Best high school memory: Europe trip Graduation "adjourned" b/c of bomb threat
Best post high school memory: thought of not seeing half of them again Coke and pumpkin pie with Ash
Best trip: umm, vacation wise Hawaii, place wise my cruise Spain, NYC, Chicago
Best part of marriage: coming home to Stacey every day Love & Laughter
Saddest Memory: leaving home Miscarriage
When you knew he/she was it: right away When he brought up marriage before I did
Most want to vacation where: iono, take a survey DisneyWorld
Best gift ever received: the car dad gave me Engagement Ring
Best gift ever given: blank check Mom and Dad's trip to Chicago
Favorite genre of music: rock n hard rock Country
Collections: 1:18 scale cars, pennys, video games, cards Wall Clocks, magnets, money
Favorite tradition: Chicago CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!
Wedding memory: seeing her in her dress Having the cans ripped off our car by a Flint bum
Favorite Game: thats a hard one. I'm a gamer, love all rpgs n action adventure Apples to Apples

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