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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Us so far...

We got married October 14, 2006 in Flint, Michigan and drove "home" to Jacksonville, FL, with a brief stop in Atlanta for a mini-honeymoon. We have money saved and are waiting for leave to take a real one.

Richard had hernia surgery on November 15 and instead of just one, they found another, so they repaired two. He had a few complications, resulting in three trips to the ER. Unbeknownst to us, the first of many....

On November 30, the single 50 year old lady who lives next to us was murdered in her apartment and we were surrounded by police and crime scene tape and investigators for three days. They didn't catch the guy til January 15, and he lived next door to the dead lady, so just one door away from us, all that time. Nice....

Stacey had some heart problems in early December resulting from several things, mainly a severe reaction to Sudafed. This was three more trips to the ER.

Richard's nephew, Brenden, died in a car accident on December 3rd.

On December 24, we had to go to our favorite place because Stacey wasn't feeling right. We found out she was pregnant.

On Christmas Day, we had to go back, Stacey was really not doing well. She had a miscarriage.

On December 28 we were able to go home to Michigan for 9 days. It was great. We went to Chicago with Stacey's family and spent time in Swartz Creek with Richard's family.

Right when we got back, Stacey started Nannying for a family with a 2 month old son during the weekdays.

In January Stacey's mom and her grandparents came for a short weekend visit. We showed them around town, the base and went to St. Augustine for a day.

Also during January during one of our famous chase each other around the house and wrestle like maniacs events, Richard sprained Stacey's shoulder, resulting in yet another trip to the ER. By now they have a welcome sign out for us upon arrival :-)

The first week of February, we went to Virginia to "house hunt" for our upcoming move in April. We had some struggles but eventually ended up with a great place. You can see pictures at our shutterfly website, there is a link in our "Links We Love" section.

The last night of our stay in Virginia, we noticed strange "growths" under Stacey's skin on her head and her neck was going stiff, needless to say, we felt like we should take a gift this time, as now we know everyone on every ER shift. It turned out to just be enlarged lymph nodes and it went away rather quickly.

Just to try to keep our record, we went in again the end of February because Richard was having abdominal pains and difficulty breathing because of it. It turned out that they said it wasn't diabetes, a punctured lung, a broken rib or a ruptured spleen, but they couldn't say what exactly it was. He was completely fine a few days later.

Because of all our trips, we've decided to keep a running list at the right, daring anyone to best our total.

We've started packing for our move on April 1st and are now living amongst the maze of boxes through the living/dining room. We are excited to get into a two bedroom apartment with TONS of storage.

Richard checks out of work on Friday, March 30. We pack up the truck (hopefully with the help of lots of big bodied males) on Saturday, March 31st and drive up to Virginia on Sunday. We are going to paint a couple walls in the apartment on Monday, April 2nd so it is not so drab and that evening Richard's parents and grandparents arrive with Stacey's stuff from Michigan and we finally get to have and use our wedding presents!! They are staying for a few days to help us get all unpacked and we are really excited and glad for the help.

Whew..... I think that brings you up to date on the last 4 1/2 months. They've flown by in some ways and taken a while in others. All in all, its been great. We laugh together often and love each other always.

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