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Thursday, March 1, 2007

A rare normal day

Well, it's been a slow day compared to what all has happened to us so far. I only had to work half the day because of the low amount of workable's we have and tomorrow I have completely off because it's our ARI day. Every month if there's no alcohol related incidents than the OIC gives us a Fri off. Stacey on the other hand has to work all day tomorrow so I like to bring that up every so often. She's been packing some things here in the apt getting ready to move. I've offered to help but I seem to be more of an annoyance and in the way than helpful. We're both looking forward to the move. Maybe not to where we're moving to, but it'll be fun starting somewhere together. Make some friends that both of us can stand and she can find a job that she enjoys. Nothing else is going on at the moment so I'll end it here.

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