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Thursday, March 8, 2007

If I won the lottery...

The Georgia man just won half the Mega Millions lottery. Only half. And he decided to take it in a lump sum so its less than that. And taxes have to be taken out. But after that he is still pocketing 80 MILLION !!!! If I won that I would...

1. Pay off a house
2. Buy a huge truck fully loaded jacked up
3. Buy a Trans Am with mods done to it having close to 500 hp
4. Buy a motorcycle
5. Buy a boat
6. Buy a surround sound entertainment system for the living room
7. Buy a PS3, a PSP and a ton of games
8. Put the rest in stocks and live off the interest

0. Put at least 60 Mil in stocks and savings
1. Buy a house with all the things from my wish list on it
2. Buy a vacation house
3. Buy a SUV
4. Pay off my parents house
5. Pay off R's parents house
6. Take a trip to Disney World
7. Buy lots of round trip tickets for Ashley to visit
8. Buy everyone really great Christmas presents
9. Leave random huge tips at restaurants and such
10. Put money aside to get acrylic nails, pedicures and highlights regularly
11. Get a dog

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