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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Gathering

We both had a fun weekend by spending it with Jake and Christy. We all played a lot of that dance dance revolution game with them and some cards n board games. Its nice spending the time with them because they are closer to our personalities than Justin and Michelle plus we're a lil tired of those 2. lol. Jake wasnt to sure about playing the DDR game and he would laugh at people just like I would but he now likes it also.

We spent most of the day over there today and had a nice dinner with them and finally had to pull ourselves out of their house to come back home with it being a work night. It sucks that we finally found some normal people to hang out with that we both really like and we'll be leavin shortly. Next weekend we'll be running around here trying to pack up everything we can, because this weekend we were supposed to work on that a little but instead spent our time over with Jake and Christy.

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