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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Little by little we're losing our appartment to boxes.
Yesterday we went to Home Depot to buy more bubble wrap and packed a few boxes.

Today I got out of work real early so we took advantage of the day and packed some more. A good portion of the day was packing and we have boxes by the front door, under the table, all along the ledge to the kitchen and along the wall in front of the book shelves.

There are some bare spots starting to show where we've packed a lot but still looking around its pretty hard to imagine that we have this much stuff in this appartment.

It's going to be insane when Stacey gets her things from home into the new appartment.

Stacey's birthday was yesterday and she got a ton of cards from family and was able to open up her presents that I got her. I'm glad she had a good birthday. I went out trying to find things on her list but a lot were holiday oriented things that were on sale but then werent available so I went and found other thigns that were similar so since she wasnt expecting that she was happy. We also pitched in with both of our birthday money to get one of those gps things because shes been wanting one so badly aznd I have to admit Im sure will come in handy in Virginia. Its a mess up there hahah. I ordered her a new address stamp thing she wanted and she said she's gonna add pics so maybe there will be one of that.

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