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Saturday, March 24, 2007

They're Growing...

...and growing and growing, and taking over not only our meager apartment, but our lives. The boxes that is. Its amazing how much you can put into boxes after you've said, "well, I think that's the most of it".

Here's the rest of the boxes, and Richard in the midst, playing his computer game, as he was all day :-)

As a sidenote, here are some things we thought of today.

*Things we'll be thankful for when we move:
*Not having the toilet rock every time we sit on it
*Being able to open the dishwasher without hitting the cabinet door handle
*Not having to use three hands to shut off the hot water
*Being able to come and go as we please, without a gate entry card
*Not having to dodge speedbumps in the parking lot
*Being cooler than 85 degrees in February
*Not living next door to a murderer and his victim
*Having a stove that has more than one large burner and is level
*Not living our life around when to get quarters and do laundry
*Never seeing another 5 inch cockroach crawl across the living room floor
*Being able to use the microwave without having the dishwasher, turtle light, night light, cell phone charger, coffee pot, toaster, printer, and computer all go off

******Edit on Sunday night: Just hours after we wrote this, after not seeing a cockroach for a month or so, one was crawling across the kitchen counter top last night on our way to bed. Richard He-manned his way on top of the counter top and smashed it with my water bottle. MMMM water just gets more and more appetizing.

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