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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Video Games

Richard wanted me to get into video games, so we bought Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). It is great fun and we both love it. He kicks my butt but its still fun. But apparently that isn't a normal enough game for him, so he wanted me to get another one. I picked Curious George. We played it, together, him helping after I die ten times in a row, repeatedly. You wouldn't think the little monkey would be so hard to control, yet I was hearing things from Richard such as "drunken monkey" and "suicidal george". Yes, he's very encouraging. Then he said to take it out, put it back in the box, it was going back to the store, it was just too hard. So he preceeded to drag me into the video game store and explain to them that Curious George was too hard for his wife and could he return the game. As I melted into the floor the manager walked over and started pointing out other games I might try. I told Richard nothing with shooting, weapons, fighting or anything mean, even if it is the good guys fighting the bad guys. He said thats how all the games are. What the heck is wrong with the PlayStation people? Do they not realize there are children (even if they're 25) who have never played a video game before, are just learning how, and do not want to have their minds violated by the first one they play, or any one they play for that matter. I told him it must be a kid game. So what do we look at A Series of Unfortunate Events. Now mind you, I never saw the movie, but that was because they made it sound so appealing. Why would I want to play a game where they already tell me each level will proceed to be more and more "unfortunate". Great, I'm excited. Let's Play. Not. So then I pick up Happy Feet. What could be wrong with a few penguins singing and dancing? oooohhhh and it says you get to belly slide. I need to learn how to do that, a few more pounds and that might be all I'm able to do. Anywho, we got home, I played it, solo I might add, not receiving any help from Mr. Fighting Video Game Master. And I rocked it. I was flying through the levels, but they were not so easy as to bore me or make me feel substandard. It was great. I recommend everyone get the game, its the best.

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