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Saturday, March 3, 2007


We did some errands today, groceries and such, and looking for fabric to cover the chairs and windows in our new house. I was looking for your basic black and white damask that is ever so popular these days. Could not find it anywhere. Not at Jo-Ann's or Michael's. Not in sheets or curtains at Target, TJ Maxx or Sears. How rude. So I'm still on the hunt for the black and white damask fabric.

We got Pizza Hut for lunner (lunch/dinner). They've been having commercials for the Cheesy Bites Pizza, which instead of regular crust, has little cheese/bread pods that you can pull off and eat. Sounds okay. Tastes rather nasty. I would not recommend it.

We got home, put the groceries and such away and are headed to a friend of Richard's for the evening. Hopefully his wife won't be too psycho and their kids won't drive us nuts. We'll see. I'm ready for a new city and friends for both of us.

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