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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We did lots more today. Today was the last day Richard had to work and he got home at 11:30. We packed for a while and realized we needed more stuff so we went to the Budget place and got more boxes, couch and mattress covers and furniture pads.

We filled up the living room.

But yes, we do still have a tiny path through it.

We took apart the dresser and bed frame and wrapped most of the pieces with the furniture pads and sealed them with tape. We ran out of tape again and have to buy more tomorrow.
Now we are just sleeping on the mattress on the floor, turned the opposite way from what it was, to give us a little path in the bedroom too.

This is the walk in closet. All our clothes are out of it. The few left empty boxes, bed parts, suitcases and some stuff we have no room for in the living room are all that remain.

Tomorrow is a day of errands mostly, with some packing.

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