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Friday, March 16, 2007

Our Fabulous Friday

Here is a pic of Richard trying to make sense of the giant comcast bill that came while typing this entry (the rough draft which included a reference about sex which I later edited out while he was on the phone with comcast, you can thank me later).

We went and ate at Olive Garden for a night out to celebrate our 5 month anniversary (last Wednesday) and Stacey's birthday (Monday). Stace has been wanting to go for awhile to get the Chocolate Lasagna dessert. We got our breadsticks and salad and then split chicken alfredo. Stacey told the waitress we wanted the dessert to go and she said they didn't have that kind anymore. Stacey suggests that you all make signs and protest outside your nearest Olive Garden. She is horrified at this injustice.

Then we went and picked up only a few groceries since we won't be here in Jax much longer and we went to Wal-Mart to look for her Dixie Chicks CD. The CD wasn't there but we did buy floor mats for the truck and a shop vac so I can vaccuum the 2 vehicles out every so often.

We watched a few movies tonight also for one of the few remaining relaxing days we have. The rest of our time will be packing boxes up and trying to figure out places to put them but still have room to walk through the living room to the door. So far we have about ten boxes stacked underneath and near the bar, but the living room is so small that we just have a narrow path to the front door between those and the table. And we have three biguns over between the shelves and the chair. The boxes are closing in on us already and we still have two weeks and dozens of boxes to go....

Tomorrow I'll be replacing the fuel filter on the truck and later that night we will be going over to Justin and Michelle's. Neither of us really care to but we figure we might as well at least go over for a lil while before we leave and won't be seeing them again.

Stacey got her fabric that she ordered in the mail today. She is going to make curtains for the new kitchen and re cover the dining room chairs. She was looking for black and white damask, knew exactly what she wanted, but we couldn't find it anywhere. So she ordered some online, its a little different than what she was thinking but we both like it better. I (Stacey) just figured out how to add pics to this so here are pics of our gorgeous fabric. I'm thinking of running a yellow ribbon along the bottom of each valance I make (2). Any thoughts? Yes to the yellow ribbon (our colors are black, white and yellow) or will it be too much?

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Kerstin said...

since you begged for comments, here's a comment :P

i LOVE that fabric. LOVE LOVE LOVE. and it makes me think of the time we went fabric shopping for the banner with Sarah and my mom senior year. haha. good times.

my personal opinion is that, since the pattern on the fabric is SO busy, that yellow ribbon would probably be too much. but i suppose it ultimately depends on the style of curtains. there's probably SOME way you could make it work.


Stace said...

I'm thinking of a very flat, no pleats or scrunches, valance. One for the window over the sink and one for the window in the back door. You love my technical curtain terminology, I know. I'm thinking no on the ribbon also, but struggling with how to get the yellow apparent in the kitchen when its all floor, cupboards and appliances, no room really even to paint any walls. Hmmm....

I just saw a picture the other day of that banner. Good times?!? Possibly. But you couldn't make me go back for anything. I do miss both of you marvelously brilliantly women though. And Jo. I've done a really bad job of keeping track of anyone from high school I'm afraid.

Thanks for the birthday thought, its wierd, being down here in Florida, wearing tee shirts and not really doing anything but packing to celebrate my birthday. Some days being an adult sucks but I guess its still better than high school and college :-P

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