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Monday, February 25, 2008

At her pedi appt today, Lillian weighed 6lbs and 6ozs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seven ounces in seven days.

The pedi said "that's almost a record!"

Unless she gets sick we don't have to go back until March 31st for her two month well baby checkup and her first immunizations.

Edited to add: And finally, "Failure to thrive" was not written on her billing record.


Anonymous said...

That's great Stacey. What an answer to prayer! This will probably be the only time in a girl's life when she wants to gain weight! :)


Rich & Stacey said...

ha ha. The nurses said when she is a teenager and feels fat to tell her we worked hard to get her that way!

Booboomesser said...

yaayy! Glad she is doing better!

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