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Monday, March 3, 2008

March Mayhem

I can't even believe it's March already. Time has FLOWN by. We've just been hanging out in wonderment of Little Miss Lillian and somehow its March. This month not only will bring her 2 month marker, my 26th birthday (OH MY WORD!), and a vacation to Florida for Grandma Harris' 75th birthday, but it brings the arrival of ASHLEY!!!!!!! Other than the wedding and the birth, this ranks right up there with top most awaited moments of my life. I cannot wait. It will be three days PACKED full of fabulous fun.

Lilly is doing magnificently although she has perfected her banshee scream and I'm sure the neighbors debate calling child protective services daily, thinking we must be neglecting her. She has been eating up a storm, which is great for her weight issues, which we are hoping are a thing of the past. She has a bit of a cold still and she absolutely hates the saline spray we've been told to use. She has been sleeping in the swing to be upright and seems to be doing better.

The other most exciting thing ever...we actually found some pants that fit her-kind of. They are "skinny leggings" from Gap, meant to be skin tight like tights but at least they mostly fit her. They only had two colors, but we bought both of them. She finally has something to cover her little legs! And we got her a swimsuit and a sun hat too, both are big, but will work for vacation in Florida.

PS-Birthday lists available upon request :-P

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