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Friday, March 21, 2008

Ashley's too short visit

A summary of quotes from our time together:

I should call the cops.

That's hot!

The tattoos I get take hours.

What did you do? Sleep with the boss?

That's time out of my life I'll never get back.

I will not let you take the baby in there.

Are you punking me man?

I have stuff I haven't even told you.

Wow, a full subscription to BET!

Another free subscription to BET.

Nothing like calling attention to ourselves.

Wow, I don't fit in and its a grocery store.

She looks hot doesn't she?

Parking garages scare me.

Firemen...hi! Ooh, there's a copper too!

Now that's gonna shoot right out of her butt.

I will if you pull over... NOT HERE!!!

Exotic boutique - we should go there.

I'm gonna do the butt out the front window thing.

That was the worst night of her entire life.

Key word: lopping!

When a girl my size gets hungry, its not pretty.

It's only cuz it doesn't have a dirty connotation.

All the people at work think I'm doing drugs.

You know I'm mad when I say flippin' and freakin' that many times.

Oh, we're gonna die!

I've been thru more tunnels today than in the whole past year.

Low fuel...WHAT?!?!

Stacey tried to kill me in the tunnel.

I want a cookie...and some more pie. Only one cookie?!?!


Do you have spiders in your bathroom?

And after that he was no longer living as far as I was concerned.

He was just like "I have to rescue my Cinderella".

My stomach just went WHOP.

I just about peed my pants.

I just want to get on my suitcase and ride it.

It was a pleasure serving you.

I wouldn't want to be strapped in like I'm going to space either.

I wonder how many people heard you say you wanted to date your cousin?


He was really mad at you!

Pretty sure it was a shehe.

He was adjusting his tummy.


AAUUGGGHHH!! I thought you were a rat!!!!!

PS-Full details provided upon request.

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