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Monday, May 25, 2009

Disney by the numbers!

3 of us
3 friends
3 days of travel
9 days of vacation
7 days of rain
1 lunch at Cinderella's Castle
1 surprise private meeting with Minne and Donald
5 hour behind the scenes tour of Magic Kingdom
93 pictures taken by the Disney staff
800+ pictures taken by us
$124 for five day park hopper passes for six people
2 vehicles
1 car accident
2 hotels
2 times in the pool
4 ponchos purchased
2 stroller covers purchased
5 umbrellas
24+ inches of rain
4 puke incidents
2 dinners at Boma
2 Upper Respiratory Infections
1 ear infection
6 MRSA spots
2 strollers
25+ bus, ferry, monorail rides
2 rides co-piloting the monorail
3 free fast passes because we were on our honeymoon


Anonymous said...

What car accident? When do you (and we!) get to see the Disney pics they took?
The hair cut photos on Facebook are awesome.

Mom S

Stacey said...

B&L backed into us.

The pics are up on picasa, unedited for the most part and no captions, but they're divided into albums by parks.

Anonymous said...


Mom S

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