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Saturday, May 2, 2009


I've realized I like the "today" series.

-I ran on the treadmill (I don't get to it a whole lot on the weekends.)
-We went to the beach and played in the sand for an hour and a half.
-I got sunburnt (on purpose, so I don't at Disney).
-Lillian got sunburnt. Not on purpose. With 50 spf on.
-Lillian had so much fun in the sand, after she got over being scared of it.
-We planted strawberry plants-20, we'll see how many make it.
-We called in a service call for our dryer, which now that the washer works and we did a load of laundry, we found out that the dryer doesn't work.
-We bought 12 cases of pop at the NEX. They have it on sale there often, but I'm sick of running out to get it each time its on sale so we stocked up.
-R caught up on the dishes.
-I estimate our laundry to be done at about 6-7 loads right now. We'll see what it is by Monday afternoon when (hopefully) I can finally do it.
-We drug the kitchen table into the living room (which is now empty because we took the ottoman in for leather repair) and ate dinner as a family at the table and played games.
-We watched "Life After People" on the history channel. It is super fascinating and I recommend everyone watch it.
-I ran into a girl from Michigan at the beach. I haven't seen her since I quit working for Kathy. (Beth, it was Melissa) It was odd, but super fun.
-I fit into my plaid capris that I bought in 8th grade. And for those of you that are wondering, it was 13, yes a WHOPPING 13 years ago. They are now officially in the Disney pile.
-Some girls at church had a "girls night" and did not invite others of us. Unfortunately, this is becoming an ever increasing habit. I thought I left junior high 13 years ago. Apparently not.


Anonymous said...

Where did you put 12 cases of pop?

Mom S

Stacey said...

Under the kitchen table.

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