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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today is a new day and brings an entirely new set of "Today..." statements (imagine that). As you can probably tell, I am either too busy lately or too lazy (or both) to write in comprehensible paragraphs so you get lists. Eh, it gets the facts across just the same in less of your very valuable time right?

-I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new front load washer and dryer to be delivered (tomorrow).
-I am sitting in awe that someone from craigslist is coming by in an hour to buy our washer as well as our defunct dryer.
-I am trying to find the address to send my mid-month Discover card payment to them so we can use it on our Disney trip without going over the limit. (I'm addicted to their cash back program.)
-Two maintenance men arrived in the middle of my treadmill time. I yelled come in and didn't stop. They wern't jerks. Imagine that.
-The maintenance men, actually, one maintenance man and one maintenance man in training, "fixed" my dishwasher (which has been ending the cycle with water left in the bottom) by replacing a gasket and saying "call when it happens again".
-Maintenance man and MM in Training "fixed" the cause of water on my master bathroom floor by "tightening the tub drain" and saying "that tub sucks, when it happens again, call us and we'll have to call a tub repair guy cuz if we tighten it more, we'll crack the tub."
-I debated tightening the drain and cracking the tub. I did not. Yet.
-R has training at work, as he does on every Wednesday. It makes him stay late at work, he says its pointless and it makes him cranky.
-The car dealership is still holding my car hostage, saying they are/will fix the oil pan, as soon as the newly ordered part comes in (the part that was supposedly ordered a month ago when I scheduled the appointment).
-Lillian fed her bottle to her (my old) cabbage patch doll.
-I looked on ebay and amazon to buy a larger wardrobe for said cabbage patch doll and sat in stupor seeing how expensive they are. Do I really have to make some? Really?!?!
-It is much cooler than the 92 degrees of the last few days. I shut off the air and opened the windows and love it. I don't love though, that we can't leave Lil's open at night because its at ground level and there are no burglar bars.
-The EI (Early Intervention) lady came for our intake appointment. She will schedule a time for two therapists to come out and that is in late May, after our Disney trip.
-We have to go buy HE (High Efficiency) soap for our new laundry machines that are coming tomorrow. (Just a little excited!)


Anonymous said...

I can just picture Lilly feeding her bottle to your Cabbage Patch. Did you get a photo? Wish I had been there.

Mom S.

Cyndi said...

What's the EI team for?

Stacey said...

Mom- I think so, its still on the camera.

Cyndi-"wide gait" (cowboy walk) and not speaking yet. They just come out to determine if she has a sufficient delay for their services. In order to require their services she has to have a 25% delay and the coordinator nor us feel she is that behind, but we'd rather have her evaluated and make sure.

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