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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ear surgery went well.

Richard's still working a retarded amount of days/hours.

His EMG test on his shoulder is the 28th.

Lillian peed on the potty for the first time today. She now regularly sits on it for about six hours a day, or at least it feels like it. She sits on it before and after any nap or bedtime, and before and after a bath and after a meal. Kylie is also doing really well. Which makes me want to move the tv into the bathroom since I spend so much time in there, but I think they're helping each other figure it out faster, which is great.

Lillian's new favorite thing is Ring Around the Rosy. Its super cute. She will take your hands and do it with you or just spin in circles by herself. (I taught her that because I get dizzy by repetition #2.) She falls down by herself about half the time and the rest she wants you to shove her down and then she laughs uncontrollably.


Kerstin said...

Glad everything went well!

That is too cute about the Ring-Around-the-Rosy! We weren't allowed to play that with the kids when I worked at the daycare because it was "dangerous" when the kids fell. *rolls eyes*

A girl at work who has a 2 year old is redecorating her daughter's room in pink and orange with brown accents. I think you started a baby decorating trend. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this update!

Mom S

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