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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mom and Dad wanted an update.

Here's your update-

The time is currently 10:53 on Saturday night July something 2009. I am exhausted and need a live in babysitter because my husband is currently employed 12-14/7 by the US Navy.

Lillian had pictures taken at The Picture People today. She was a brat. But the pictures turned out cute anyways. Those people are good. Expensive, but good. We are currently accepting gift cards for said photo place.

Lillian's ear surgery is on Monday. We have to be at the hospital at 6:40 am. That means we need to leave our house at 5am. As if surgery wasn't bad enough on its own. And I'm betting Ihop doesn't deliver to the waiting room. Darn! And french toast sounds SO GOOD right now.

Our very good friend Britt just left for "the place you would never want your husband to go" for an "undetermined amount of time" (not to be less than 45 days). He does super secret (ie VERY SCARY) stuff. Pray for his safety. And Whitney's sanity. And everything inbetween. He just got back less than three weeks ago from another trip. This was going to be the first year since they've been married that he was going to be home on her birthday. Oh wait, the Navy just changed that.


Natalie said...

My word of advice to you for Lilly's surgery is to not forget the toys and things in the room when you go to pre-op. We left all the toys and books in Nicholas' room and had to try to entertain him for like an hour in his crib in pre-op. Not fun!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Now after Lilly's surgery and after Rich's appt. tomorrow, you'll have to update again!

Mom S

Stacey said...

His appt isn't tomorrow. But its soon. The 28th we think.

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