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Friday, February 18, 2011

What a week, medically

We've had a rough week physically here.  Monday I found out that I have a fractured pelvis because this little baby is riding so low that she created a stress fracture.  There is nothing they can do about it, other than manage pain-with big, bad Tylenol, until she arrives.  The good news is that usually, it doesn't require any further surgery after delivery, because it generally starts healing itself. 

On Tuesday night my right ear started hurting.  By Wednesday morning, my left ear started hurting also and I called the doctor.  I went in and she said I have an ear infection in each ear and gave me Ammoxicillin.  Wednesday night, after we went to bed, I was having excruciating pain and we had to go to the hospital.  I had an "on fire" eardrum they were very concerned about and said my right ear was now also an outer ear infection.  And the pain was starting to cause contractions.  So...they told me to continue the Ammox. as well as antibiotic ear drops and Tylenol for pain.  I'm gonna buy stock in Tylenol.  It has started to get better.  Not good by any means, but not the horrible pain at least.  They are going to refer me to an ENT.

Tuesday morning, Richard broke a tooth and got a temporary sealant.  They were able to get him in on Thursday and get the final fix done, as well as fill a cavity he had.

Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we noticed fluid in Lillian's left ear.  We took her to the doctor yesterday and she also has an ear infection in both ears, and an outer ear infection in her left ear.  Thankfully, she seems (and says) she is in no pain, no fever, and has no hearing loss...I'm jealous.  We go back for a checkup in two weeks, and will probably get another referral to the ENT at that time.

Whew....now, hoping that we all stay at least as healthy as we are now, we are off for a weekend of fun.  This will be our last time for a "getaway" before the baby comes and before Richard starts deploying.  Lillian is staying with a great friend of ours and they have a whole weekend of fun planned. Richard and I are going to Williamsburg for the weekend and have plans to do an evening "ghost tour" (we're unsure, but its been highly recommended) and we are also going to go to the Yankee Candle Flagship store, which apparently has Santa and snow every day. 

Pray we stay healthy.  And that just AS SOON AS this little girl is ready and fully healthy, she comes out so that my silly pelvis can start healing.

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