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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This has been a rough week.  I ask for your prayers on behalf of two friends. 

The family I babysat for (Kylie's parents) had a little boy in late November, Micah.  Micah went into the hospital here last week with Pneumonia.  He was put in ICU almost immediately and pretty quickly had to be medically paralyzed.  On Sunday they found out that he has Cardiomyopathy.  They life flighted him to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Tuesday morning to meet with the best pediatric cardiologists in the nation.  They all arrived safely yesterday and he is to undergo a heart cath today to try to get some more answers and more direction, but as of right now he is on the heart transplant waiting list.  As a big blessing, Micah is covered under Tricare Prime, which means they should not have ANY hospital expenses throughout this whole thing, a huge praise.  BUT they are unsure yet if they are able to get into the Ronald McDonald house, have already had gas and airfare expenses and of course will have food expenses.  They are expecting to be there at least a couple months.

Additionally, there is a family, the Rider's, who I met online because they had a little boy, Lincoln, the same month as Lillian.  We started our pregnancies on the same mom's board and have continued until today.  Unfortunately, God needed little Lincoln and he only lived for two and a half months, before dying because of a still mysterious illness.  Two weeks ago Summer (the mom) had a little girl, Claire.  They had some blood tests come back abnormal and had to go to the Children's Hospital for follow up.  They were hesitant to even do that, since they hadn't been to Children's since Lincoln died there.  They had the tests yesterday and got the results last night.  They are heartbroken to learn that Sweet Claire has cystic fibrosis.

Please keep these two families in your thoughts and prayers over the next weeks, months and years as they battle these two diseases.  And go hug your healthy family and be so thankful.

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Becky said...

you know we are praying for both families!

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