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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I haven't written in forever.  Because my hands have been numb forever.  The cyst on my right wrist plus pregnancy carpal tunnel plus swelling equals not being able to do much of anything.

Thankfully, mom comes tomorrow.  Then, R's family comes, then my aunt comes.  So...hopefully by that time this little thing will be OUT and I'll be back to semi-normal.

But I wanted to write this week-Monday actually, but that didn't happen. So here I am.  I'm not going to go into all the details because I don't wanna type it all, but here's the gyst.

Thew new OB's office, who answered all my questions at the begining "correctly" is now changing their story and driving me insane in about a million different ways.

I have a broken pelvis.  Its supposed to be 2-4mm apart, and can get up to 10-11mm apart in pregnancy.  Mine was 2.5 cm when they first discovered it and it was 4.5cm a week and a half ago. 
The orthopedic surgeon said if I don't have Baby by Saturday I will be guaranteed to have to have pelvic reconstruction surgery this summer (while R's gone, with a 10-12 week recovery period.)

OB says they don't care, they're not scheduling anything til May 9 (39+weeks).

I have been "in labor" for two weeks now, with contractions 4 mins apart, and starting to dialate.  We have gone to the hospital for pain/contractions, not feeling her move for hours at a time and leaking fluid. Each time the OB has sent us home.  Sometimes to the dismay of the nurse who is actually in the room with us.

I have started the HORRID swelling (many people say its the worst they've ever seen), headaches, blurry vision, nausea, dizzyness, etc that is indicative of Pre-Eclampsia (also called PIH or Toxemia).

My blood pressure is much higher than my normal, but not in the overall "danger high" category so the OBs say they will not deliver me before 39 weeks. But also that they "wont's stop labor" after 36 weeks.

I fell at home this morning, just because I was so dizzy and my elephant legs and broken pelvis couldn't move fast enough to sit down before I fell.  I fell on my hip.  The OB's office said they didn't want to see me unless she wasn't moving.  She was/is.  The orthopedic surgeon said he wanted to see me right away, and said miraculously, although very painful and still potentially harmful, I actually kind of "hammered" my pelvis back together some, as it was between 4.5-5cm apart and is now between 2.5-3cm apart.  He does not know if this will impact the need for surgery or not, as we just have to wait and see how it heals/doesn't heal after surgery.

I turn 36 weeks on Saturday.  Mom will be here to babysit.  R will have the day off.  So...if I make it that long without anything else happening, our plan is to eat "magic cupcakes", walk, eat pineapple and spicy food, and head into the hospital and make a royal pain of ourselves, with the intent not to leave without a baby. 

Please pray that they would be able to take her out safely and quickly on Saturday and that she will be healthy.  I'm praying htey take her out before I have a stroke from Pre-E, have any more falls/issues, and before I need pelvic reconstructive surgery. 

Please pray.

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