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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vacation boxes

Because R's "vacation" is longer than normal and more intense than some in the past, I would like to make sure that a box goes out every two weeks, at minimum.  I am going to put dates here, can you comment if you would be willing to send a box that week? Anytime in the week is fine.

I tend to do themed boxes, just because I do so many it gets boring otherwise, you do not need to do a theme by any means.  By signing up for a general week, it makes sure that he gets boxes regularly, not all bunched up together, which is better because his storage is limited.  It also allows me to give you more information on any more specific things he might need at that time.

Things he likes in boxes are:
Any kind of candy, ramen noodles, Mac n Cheese microwaveable cups, Cocoa, Coffee(none until at least Sept please), Beef Jerkey, Pumpkin Seeds, Gatorade powder (blue or orange), Sunflower seeds, nuts. Toilet paper, ketchup and BBQ sauce are always in short supply and are always appreciated, the smaller the package the better (individual packets of sauce).

Please DO NOT send chocolates, anything that can melt, anything with lithium batteries, or anything liquid.

If you need his address, let me know, if you have it from last time, it is the same.  You will need a customs form, let me know if you need help filling it out.  The best way to send a box is to get the APO/FPO flat rate box from the USPS-it ships for $13.45 no matter the weight.  You can get them in any USPS location or online here...https://store.usps.com/store/browse/uspsProductDetailMultiSkuDropDown.jsp?categoryNavIds=catGetMailingShippingSupplies%3AsubcatMSS_B%3AsubcatMSS_B_Free&categoryNav=false&navAction=push&navCount=31&productId=P_MILI_FRB&categoryId=subcatMSS_B_Free

Alternatively, If you would like to purchase phone card minutes for him, let me know and I will figure out how to have you do that.

July 2- Stacey (blue/orange)
July 16- Stacey (red)
July 30
August 13
August 27-Stacey (blue/green)
September 3
September 17
October 1-Stacey (Anniversary/7)
October 15
October 29
November 12
November 26- Stacey (Christmas presents)
December 3-Stacey (Red/Green)
December 17
December 31
January 14- Stacey (Lillian/Five)
January 28
February 11
February 25-Stacey (Happy Birthday/31)
March 11
March 25-Stacey (miss you)
April 8
April 22-Stacey (Happy Birthday)
May 6
May 20

NO COMMENTS ABOUT VACATION LENGTH/DATES ON HERE PLEASE. If your date needs to be changed, I will let you know.

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