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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ellison's birthday list

Yes, its been forever since I posted.  We've been busy. And lonely.

Ellie's birthday is quickly approaching.  We are planning on having her birthday party either June 9 or 10, so a little after her actual birthday.

We are planning on moving to Michigan for about a year also in June and putting most of our belongings from here in VA in storage.  Because of that, we want to be very careful what new items we bring into our house at this time.

She's little and doesn't know what birthdays are all about so if you would like to just do money for her savings account or a savings bond, that would be perfect.

We have tons of books, movies and music, so please no more of that until she has preferences :-)  She also has TONS of clothes from Lillian, so please no more of those. We do however have some things pop up that she needs seasonally, or just something we unexpectedly don't have.  If you would like to help with those things, a gift card to Gap, Old Navy, Kohl's or Target would be wonderful.

I have put together a small list of things at Amazon.  This is the link:http://amzn.com/w/18LIELRP0F9EK. I did add in some outdoor toys that might be fun now that the girls actually will have a yard to play in this year.  Please help us out though, in that if you order anything that is bigger in size (BRILLS....NO 12foot caterpillars, or any other animals) please have it sent to Michigan, its just one less thing for us to transport there. 

Thanks! We can't believe that she is almost 11 months old.  She will get to celebrate her first birthday in the lovely state of Washington and she will share her first birthday party with the friends who have watched her grow this first year.  We are excited to do some traveling and have a party, and VERY excited to spend some time in Michigan.

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