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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I flirted with the creepy maintenance man again today. It was after he saw me pull in and drove his golf cart over to say hi. I complained that we saw a carpet cleaning van over there (at the new apartment) a day ago and were disappointed because we've heard the previous tenants were such pigs that we thought we'd for sure get new carpet. He said that he told the office it was still dirty "and besides, my good friend's moving in there and its not good enough for her". He said it wasn't official yet, but we'll most likely get new carpet. We better. I didn't inhale his cigarette smoke for no reason at all.

I took the double stroller into the bank again today and played "knock down the lane markers". I got several dirty looks. But what can you do when none of your bank branches have drive through lanes and you tell the receptionist that your stroller can't fit through the line, you know from experience, and can you just wait up front til your turn, and she says "just make it fit". Okay lady. I got a strike though, cuz all of the pins went down :-D

The bathroom and living room are all painted back to boring beige. And we have nothing on the walls and no curtains up in the main living area. Its weird.

Lillian has a new aversion to sleeping. And eating. No biggie really, they're not that necessary are they?

Somehow my TiVo got set to record every episode of "toddlers and tiaras". What a stupid, horrible show. Waste of time. And while we're on the subject of TLC shows, Table for 12 is stupid and I feel bad for Jon (of Jon and Kate plus 8). Kate needs to man down a little.

The UPS truck just pulled up to my building. And walked up to another door. Sad.

PS-Does anyone want the job of notifying the world of my change in address? Its getting old rather fast. Even if I do it online, they call to make sure its right. YES PEOPLE, I'm moving from one apartment to another in the same complex, therefore the only thing changing is the "house" number. It's not a typo. I did not waste my time filling out your whole change of address form, when my address is not actually changing. I have never even heard of anyone doing that for fun.

The electric company actually had the nerve to argue with me about whether my new address existed. I told them I was looking at it right out my window and they still said "we have no record of that". Well friends, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it just means you need to update your records.

The circus is this month. Its on a duty day for Richard. I hope he doesn't have to work that day. And if so, too bad buddy, I'm going anyways. And I just might fill out an application while I'm there ;-)

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