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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Richard is in excruciating pain in his shoulder/neck area and is unable to move, lift or sleep. The Navy hospital refused to see him and sent him to medical. Medical saw him and re-scheduled him for next Monday.

That means...


taking care of a lame (and whiney) husband on drugs.
taking care of a fussy fussy FUSSY baby who just got back from vacation and is cutting two molars.
taking care of another (although delightful) baby during the weekdays.
unpacking from vacation.
doing insane amounts of laundry.
packing for moving.
changing our address at 8 million places.
talking again to 8 million places to assure them that yes, our address is very similar, but different. No, its not a mistake.
painting the bathroom. Three times.
cleaning all paint supplies because the other rooms require flat paint.
painting the living room. Two times.
making a decision that the dining room and bedroom will not be painted until after we move and mom and dad are here to do it. Sorry guys!


Moving was a pain in the butt the first time and I had a husband, money and no kids.
This time around it just SUCKS. I want a wife. Or a husband. Or a nanny. Or all three.

Its a good thing I really want this new apartment or I'd have quit everything, changed my name and joined the circus days ago. I'm sure training for that would be easier on my joints. And you get paid to be crazy there.

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Cyndi said...

Awe - you should have left Lilly Billy here. Or you could send Richard here. Or...let's see.... you could leave them both there and come back here!

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