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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trade You Tuesday: Slow Cooker Recipes

Whitney, at the Whitney Caroline Designs blog, is hosting a Trade You Tuesday, in order to collect fabulous slow cooker recipes. In return she is giving out 10% off coupons to her fabulous store. She will also feature a recipe each week and is including a great giveaway.

Most of my slow cooker genius is throwing what I see in the fridge in the crock pot, adding some salt or butter (or both) and stirring. However, that does not lend itself to a great recipe.

One of my favorites though, despite the name, is Veggie Burgers. Its a family favorite but oh so easy. Its the idea of a sloppy joe, but for some reason tastes so much better.

You brown 1 pound of hamburger (I spose you could use the crock pot to brown it, but I buy mine in bulk and brown it all together and freeze in 1lb bags) and put it in the crock pot. Add one can of Vegetable soup, without adding water. Stir. Wait awhile. Plop on a bun and enjoy. See, I told you it was easy. My favorite is to open up the bun, put the gooey goodness on both halves and sprinkle a bit of cheese or ketchup over it. Sorry my "recipe" has words like "awhile" and "plop" in it, but I'm not much of a recipe user so this is as close as I get. I prefer to call it "guidance.

You can make the recipe in any size, just keep the ratio the same, one pound to one can. I've made as much as five of each for our bible study group and it turned out just as wonderful.

I wish I had a picture, but I don't. Sorry! I do, however, have a dilemma. I don't like vegetables. Never have, never will. But I love these. Therefore I don't think the name Veggie Burgers really works for me. And since its my recipe, I feel like I have the right to change it. I just am not sure what to change it to. I'm thinking Monster Mash, or Gooey Goop, or maybe not. Any ideas?

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