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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lots of information, not lots of answers

We saw the dr. today and he said I have a subchorionic hematoma. 2% of all pregnant women have these, but of pregnant women who beed during pregnancy that percentage increases to 30%. He said that is what caused the bleeding last week. What is left is the remainder. It is currently 3.5x3.5 cm. I still have a 50/50 chance of having a miscarriage. But he did say "everything will probably be fine" right after he said "you are still in danger of a miscarriage". The chance of miscarriage from a subchorionic hematoma are greater by three things 1) age of mother, 2) age of baby 3) size of hematoma. The older the mom, the younger the baby and the bigger the hematoma the higher your chances of miscarriage. I have the age thing for me on my side. But for the baby I am considered "in the danger zone" until completion of week 13. You are also in greater danger as long as the hematoma is larger than the baby. Right now the baby is 2.1 cm and the hematoma is larger. But there is a strong heartbeat and the baby is measuring right on track. The hematoma shouldn't get bigger and the baby should. The hematoma might be 1) absorbed into my body 2) expelled by my body (producing bleeding-red or brown-better if its brown) or 3) stay in me for whole pregancy.

He said I was okay to go off bedrest but to take it easy still. He said it was okay for me to go back to work on Monday. He said nothing I do, bedrest included, will help or hurt at this point. I have found information online that agrees with this and information that conflicts. I am going to tell work I can come back on Monday, but only working M-W-F next week and see how that goes before going full time.

I go back on Tuesday the 31st for another ultrasound and then again on the 2nd for a follow up with the dr.

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Booboomesser said...

I'm glad everything is looking better. I will say a prayer for you. Be careful and don't over exert yourself.

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