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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Oh Boy!

For those of you who are just dying to share all your baby naming wisdom with us, we are now accepting applications for names-with several stipulations.

1. It must be a boy name (no, we don't know yet, that is way down the road, we just have lots of girls' names that we like).
2. It must be a first name only (we have a middle) that goes well with Brill.
3. It must be a long name that has a shorter version or common nickname. For example: Jonathan (Jon) or Samuel (Sam). However.....
4. It must not be a common name-no Jon's or Sam's allowed. It must be unique but not wierd. If its on any top 10 list, we don't want it.

There, if you feel you must offer suggestions, this is the area we could really use help in.

Again, we DO NOT KNOW THE SEX OF THE BABY, we just have girl names we like already.


Kerstin said...

the baby is so tiny, does it even really HAVE a gender yet for you to know? unless you're testing chromosomes or something crazy and superinvasive?

I don't have any suggestions but I think names people can spell and pronounce are WONDERFUL. Or if you DO go with an unusual name, my advice is to go with something that's not enough like a common name that the poor kid ends up being called the wrong name for his or her whole life. (I really get tired of being called Kristen.)

When my dad's younger brother was born (the 4th boy in the family), legend has it that he was in the hospital for a week because they wouldn't let my grandma take him home until she named him. haha. And so he got stuck with CLAY.

Rich & Stacey said...

Nope, we won't know the sex til about 16-20 weeks.

Dad said...

I was thinking Daniel.
Your Uncle Dan and Aunt Paula Marie never had children. They would be tickled.

Rich & Stacey said...

I have some bad Dan's in the past...don't think thats an option.

Shannon H. said...

Hmmm....I always liked Caleb, I don't know if there is a short version, perhaps you could call him Cal? I also like Jacob, you could call him Jake. I don't know, just some thoughts.

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