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Sunday, July 1, 2007

We keep being off in our checkbook balance, by hundreds of dollars. However, we cannot find any discrepencies, and the errors are always in our favor. I just would like to say a quick thank you to whoever is making mysterious deposits to our account. But we are keeping track of all this money separately, in case it just disappears some day. Hopefully not though.

On the baby side of things, we started looking at names this week. I am thouroughly convinced choosing a name will be harder than 18 years of raising that same child. We have several good books, some that we purchased, and two that were loaned to me, so we've been reading up.

Yesterday and today I have been very panicky about losing another one. Part of me knows its probably silly, yet part of me knows its very real. Its been a very long weekend.


Booboomesser said...

I wish that would happen to me.

Booboomesser said...

Name suggestion(as if you need one from everyone, but because Morgan ended up a girl we couldn't use it...): Christian Joseph

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