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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Doings

I am now done:

Making Christmas Cards
Writing Christmas Letters
Printing Christmas Cards
Printing Christmas Letters
Stuffing envelopes
Sealing envelopes
Stamping Envelopes
Addressing Envelopes
Making homemade christmas gifts for family
Making a dress for Lillian
Making a matching dress for part of Kylie's christmas present
Making two photo books for christmas presents
Hunting down hard to find christmas presents
Dividing Lillian's Christmas and Birthday presents
Wrapping all Christmas presents that are not going to MI
Saving money for gas to and from Michigan (no flying this year)
Dividing up time between families while we are there
Buying winter coats for Lillian and myself to wear in Michigan
Buying cheap (or free) snackfood for the trip
Cutting out and planning Lillian's Christmas stocking
Sending Kyle's Christmas present overseas
Buying Lillian Christmas Eve pajamas

I am still:
Trying to find a portable DVD player to borrow to help the trip go smoother
Trying to decide if we should start switching Lil to milk before the trip or keep her solely on formula until after.
Sewing Lillian's stocking (should be done tomorrow...if I feel okay)
Looking for the perfect "First Christmas" ornament for Lillian
Wondering how everything we have to take will fit in the car


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you have so much done already for Christmas, and I have hardly started!

Mom S

Cyndi said...

Is the heading of the blog your Christmas card? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Rich, Stacey and Lillian said...

It's not the Christmas Card we are sending out. I made about 12 and then had R pick his favorite layout and we went with that one. The one he picked is actually one of my favorites, but this is another of my favorites.

We have them all ready. Is it too early to send them out? I was going to wait til Dec 1st.


Kerstin said...

I am in complete awe of your productivity.

Cyndi said...

Send me them - send me them!!!

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