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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Vacation by the Numbers

For 15 days of vacation (including 2 travel days) Lillian requires: (taken directly from my packing list)

1 container Gerber Puffs
1 bag Gerber Yogurt Puffs
1 boppy pillow-to sleep with
1 winter coat
1 puffer vest
1 pair slippers
1 pair boots
1 pair tennis shoes
1 diaper bag
1 bottle tylenol
1 bottle teething tablets
1 bottle oxy clean stain spray
1 pack and play (thankfully, its already in MI, we're borrowing one)
1 box animal crackers
1 bottle baby wash
1 headband
1 Carseat
1 tube lotion
1 swimsuit (indoors at hotel)
1 brush
1.5 boxes cheerios
2 travel size oxy clean stain sprays
2 onesie extenders
2 dirty clothes bags (1 for house, 1 for diaper bag)
2 reusable plastic bibs
2 bottles gas drops (eat like a man, fart like a man)
2 pair dress shoes
2 strollers (1 for her to use, 1 is broken ,Dad is going to fix it)
2 gallons milk (1 8oz milk bottle a day)
2 large containers yogurt-to mix with breakfast and lunch #2 jars of fruit
2 Plug Leashes
2 boxes of baby cereal (to mix in with her food-she hates it runny)
2 stuffed toys
3 hats
3 Sippy Cups (2 Red, 1 Yellow)
3 Spoons
3 Forks
3 Bowls
3 pair tights
3 Packages of wipes
4 swim diapers
4 dresses (sunday morning, sunday night, puke back up for each)
4 pair pajamas
4 juice boxes
4 DVDs
4 pair PJs
5 Plugs
5 toys
5 books
6 cups Goldfish Crackers
6 blankets
6 christmas gifts
6 hairbows
7 packages of instant oatmeal (breakfast every other day-with adult food)
7 #3 jars of food (dinner every other day-with adult food)
7 CD's (so we don't get sick of them as quickly)
8 Toddler dinners (dinner every other day-with adult food)
8 stocking stuffers
9 Gifts for Family from Lillian
10 pairs of socks (wears them during the day and on both feet and hands at night)
10 disposable bibs
10 pants (wears about 3 a day)
20 shirts (wears about 6 a day)
20 oz All Free and Clear (1 load of laundry per day)
25 packages of Mum Mum Crackers (2 per package)
45 jars of #2 foods (2 for each meal: lunch every day and every other day breakfast-with adult food)
80 bags of formula (each contains 4 scoops of formula and makes an 8oz bottle)
130 diapers (8 a day plus 10 extra)

All in all, packaged in the car we will have:
1 box of formula (contains 320 scoops of formula and makes 640 oz of bottle)
1 box of wipes
1 box of christmas presents and stocking stuffers for Lillian
1 suitcase of clothes and toys
1 extra LARGE bag of extras (laundry stuff, bath stuff, boppy pillow, etc)
1 carseat
1 box of gifts from Lillian
2 car bags: one of toys and clothes and one of food
2 strollers
2 boxes of food (1 jarred and 1 snacks)
4 packages of diapers

And we will buy or borrow there:
1 Pack and Play and sheet
2 Family sized plain yogurt
2 Gallons milk
Undetermined amount of adult food

And, we need a few things for ourselves.


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