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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm thankful for...(in no particular order)

The fact that I am not currently pregnant
Diet Coke
Our AMAZING church group who are great friends, no, great family
Brandon, Lindsey and Princess Kylie
Britt and Whitney
Landon and Lena
Our new storage ottoman that doesn't make my feet fall asleep when I put them on it
That we have almost everything for Lil's birthday party already
The DVD player we borrowed to keep Lil entertained on the trip to/from MI.
The Sunday Paper
Moist chocolate cake
Sprite Zero
My Pacifica
The automatic lift gate on the pacifica
The money for the bike payments (our ONLY debt)
The fact that we have a house fund though we're years away from buying one
The yellow and white flowered blanket
My sewing machine
The new orange coat I just bought
My treadmill (although I would be more thankful if I didn't have to use it every day)
Christmas Music
Good Books
Great Wolf Lodge (hopefully we will be able to go back next year)
The Gap
Thanksgiving Parades
That we're debt free (except for that pesky bike)
That even in times like this, we have a house fund started, money in savings, retirement and for our honeymoon.
Google Reader
Jesus being born and dying on the cross for our sins
My parents
R's parents
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc
Three new very little girls Eden Avery (still in the hospital-born at 32 weeks), Laynee Adele, and Ruby Eileen
Babies to come in 2009: Baby Kocher
My babyfit friends who answer my every question
Good movies
Dark Chocolate
Army Wives (the show)
My new (pink) smartphone
I'd be REALLY THANKFUL for internet on that smartphone
Digital Cameras
Rite Aid's $30 for your prescription program (we've made over $150 0ff of them in the last month)
Health insurance for free (the insurance is great, the care sucks, but...its free)
Christmas Music (yes, I know I already said that)
Julie and Kerstin (the only other two people from high school or college worth keeping in contact with)
March and my big surprise
Ashley's visit last March and coming again this March
Spending Christmas in Michigan
Lillian's ability to eat ANYTHING
My job
R's job...It took ALOT to write that, but its true
For the orders I know we're going to get, back to VA (pray people, PRAY)
The plant we've kept alive through a move from Grand Blanc to Flint, Michigan to Florida and Florida to Virginia
Yoga pants and sweatshirts
Windex wipes
Puma Tennis shoes
Magic Erasers
Cheerios (for Lillian, the cure all)
My laptop
Friends who act like family at Thanksgiving time


Kerstin said...

I love that you are thankful for cheese. Too cute.

There's definitely a lot to be thankful this year. (And you make my list, too ;) Or you would if I actually spent time making a list.

Rich, Stacey and Lillian said...

Gouda in particular. LOL-nope. I've actually never eaten Gouda, just ran all over Spain looking for it.

Cyndi said...

How did I get LUMPED in the 'Aunts & Uncles' category?!?!?!? :-)

Anonymous said...

God has indeed blessed you beyond our hopes - with a GREAT family and friends; I just wish your great life was closer to us!
Mom S

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