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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Store Closings

Below you'll find a list of stores that are closing effective now. Some stores are only closing some of their poor performing stores or scaling back on opening new locations. At this posting, I do not have the information of the exact locations of any of them. To be certain, you should call your own local store or stop by to know positively if it will be closing or not. Stores that informed the Security Exchange of closing plans between October 2008 and January 2009.

Please check your gift card stash for any that you need to redeem. And be careful of which ones you purchase.

Ann Taylor- 117 stores nationwide are to be closed
Bombay - Closing remaining stores
Carolina Pottery - Closing all stores
Cache - Closing 14 of their 284 stores and still opening new stores.
Charming Shoppes - Closing 150 of the 2,360 shops.
Circuit City - Closing 155 stores
CompUSA - All stores closed except the stores in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Puerto Rico. They continue to accept gift cards.
Cache - Closing all stores
Dillard's - Closing 20 stores with more in 2009
Disney - Closing 98 of the 322 North American stores and will close more after January
Eddie Bauer - Closing 27 stores and a few more after January
Ethan Allen - Closing down 12 stores and 2 service centers.
Footlocker - Closed 334 stores more to close after January
GAP - Closing 85 stores
Home Depot - Closing 15 stores 1 in NJ ( New Brunswick )
JC Penney - Closing a number of stores after January
J. Jill - Previously reported as closing all stores. They still operate 283 locations and opening new stores, and still selling and redeeming gift cards.
K B Toys - Closing 356 stores
Kirkland's - Closing 130 stores
Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug ,and Catherine's - To close 150 stored nationwide
Levitz - Closing down remaining stores
Linens and Things - Closing all stores
Lowes - Closing unkown amount of stores
Macys - To close 9 stores after January
Movie Galley - Closing all stores
Pacific Sunware - Closing stores
Pep Boys - Closing 33 stores
Piercing Pagoda - Closing all stores
Sharper Image - Closing down all stores
Sprint/ Nextel - Closing 133 stores
Talbots - Closed 28 stores. Closes all the Talbots Kids, Tabots Mens and U.K. Buisinesses.
Whitehall - Closing all stores
Wickes Furniture - Closing all stores
Wilson Leather - Closing down all mall-based locatoins in 2008. It was aquired by G-III Apparel Group and operates 119 Wilsons outlets in the U.S.
Zales - Closed 105 retail outlets. Half of them kiosks and half of them stores. They did open 100 new outlets so the net change was relatively small.

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