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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This morning he had to go in "just to pick up his file". Three and a half hours later he could come home.

We spent all day saying "What should we do?" We felt like we should do something important/special, but nothing came to mind.

We left to drop Lillian at Teresa's and I forgot my ID so we had to turn around.

Lillian peed in her carseat on the 5 minute drive.

We got to the base and the gate to get to the airport was closed.

Richard said that did not mean he could stay.

I had to throw away my unopened Diet Coke to get into the base airport.

His flight got delayed.

They only had Pepsi inside the airport.

He cried when we said goodbye.

I got lost getting off base. Three times.

I'm almost out of gas but couldn't find a gas station.

I was proud of myself for having stopped crying on the way home and thought I was doing pretty good when I saw a car with both a man and a woman in it and I thought, "I want to throw a rock at that car." Maybe not doing so good yet.

The first thing Lil says when she sees me is "Daddy?"

She had to sit in a wet carseat.

She cried as soon as we came in the house and she said "hello" and he's not here.

She refused to sleep in her own bed and wanted to sleep in mine (which is perfectly fine with me for right now, I'll break that later if I have to).

I can't sleep.

THIS SUCKS. But we'll live. One day at a time. Tomorrow LM is watching the girls for a bit, I'm going to try to go to the Y and get some nervous energy out then come home and clean the house. Bible Study is here tomorrow night.

Hopefully by that time I'll have heard from him at least once from one of his layovers. We did get some more info about his flight, but I'm not sure I'm supposed to post that online. Maybe after he gets there.

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