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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth!!

We are officially going to Disney World the third week of May, this year. I am BEYOND excited. Disney is offering a superbly fantastic military ticket package that we are taking advantage of, and we found availability at the Military Resort on Disney property. Total, for seven days of hotel, and two five day park hopper passes, it will cost us under $800. You CANNOT pass that up. We will still have to get there, but we're going to drive, so that will save money over flying and we might carpool with friends.

Oh, didn't I mention that yet? Brandon and Lindsey and Miss Kylie are joining us on this excellent adventure. Whee!!!!!!!!

We are busy, busy, busy researching restaurants that are cheap but good, fantastic but expensive, shows and shops we cannot miss and the most kid friendly things to do. Any of you that have been there recently, feel free to leave your input on things we cannot miss or should skip.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there a month before you, so I can give you any last minute tips I might find. That's a great deal on the price. I'm very excited about going, too!


Kellie DeLange said...

Super excited for you guys! We are going to FL in April, but will be in Clearwater Beach. We are going to go to a Disney Park one of the days we are there though....About Disney- I haven't been there for a couple years and the last time we went we only went to Magic Kingdom. If you can get Lillian to stay up late enough, the night time fireworks at MK are amazing!!! Halle was asleep in her stroller, but we stayed to watch them. Also, the nighttime parade is really cool. All the floats are covered in lights!! Disney Village (right outside the parks) is a fun place to eat and shop!! Have lots of fun!! Wish we could get such a great deal too!!

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