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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Three Bedroom

We are NEXT ON THE LIST for a three bedroom. We have been waiting more than 9 months for this opportunity and are now just waiting for someone to move the heck outta dodge. We have toured the three bedrooms and are very excited because:

They have a HUGE pantry. Our pantry now consists of our washer and dryer and one 10" shelf above them. Our pantry then will consist of washer, dryer, 10" shelf above them, on the LEFT. Then we have the whole right side which is a wall full of 10" shelves, floor to ceiling. AND it leaves room straight ahead for a shelving unit of our own. I'm excited about all the stockpiling opportunities this will bring.

Lillian will finally have her own room and we will begin the process of moving her to a bed rather than a crib.

We will have a separate guest room (told you you should come visit). And therefore, a whole nother closet!!!!!!!!!!!! That means R's uniforms, our games, and other random storage things can move out of Lillian's closet and into that one. Then all of L's crap might fit inside her closet! Whee, whee, whee!

We are going to be able to put our filing cabinets, bookshelves, and craft drawers in the guest room and therefore move them out of the living room and dining room.

We will have two full bathrooms!

We will have a bathroom in our bedroom that you don't have to dance with the door in order to pee!

We will have a bathroom down the hall by Lillian's room and the guest room. This means, Lil's toys will not ever again puncture my foot during an early morning, rushed shower attempt.

Lillian's room and the Guest Room are quite far down a hallway from our room and the Living area of the house. This means that when she is sleeping, I can go in my bathroom, use it, AND (get ready, its exciting...) FLUSH IT. Right now, our toilet is right by her crib and although she will sleep through the vaccuum, tv, phones, etc she WILL NOT sleep through a toilet flush for some reason.

One of the best things of all....We will have a playroom! Yes, it will be at the expense of a dining room, but who really needs a dining room anyways? We would only use it when we have lots of friends over (since family is not close) and when that happens we are more than excited to lock the kids in, um, uh, I mean, let the kids play in, the playroom and eat on plates on couches and chairs, peacefully. Our table, which is old and rickety but FANTASTIC has tons of leaves which means we can put it in the dining room and extend it out for 10 people if we want to, but for the most part, it can fold up and be a peaceful sitting area for two chairs and a highchair in the kitchen.

We will have more room in our living room because all of the other things that do not generally belong in a living room will actually have a home in other places in the house!

On a sad note...we will lose the infamous "closet from hell". Although that might very well be a good thing. I think all the above things will make up for that.

Some things to pray about for our move:

a. That the availability comes soon but also at a good time to move (ie. NOT the third week of May). We would love for my dad (and everyone else) to be able to come down and help. And our church group is low on guys this spring due to many deployments, so a date that works for most of the guys who are still here would be uber helpful.

b. That we get a good location. The bad thing about the three bedrooms is that they are on the first floor of the building and in the way our buildings are set up, this means, the entrance is in the back of the building. We would like to be in the middle of the complex, rather than on the outer edges, having our door face nothing ness (a little scary for me when R deploys next January). And parking is an issue in some spots more than others. Not a big deal generally but once R leaves, it would be helpful not to have to walk 5 miles from the car to the door with two toddlers and groceries in the rain.

c. That we are able to pay the additional rent and utility fees without taking away from our monthy savings and house fund deposits.

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