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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Year

We had Lillian's one year appointment on Monday and her stats are:
19 pounds 7 ounces
29.5 inches long
18 inch head circumfrence

She is:
completely off the bottle
always sleeping through the night
eating only table foods
only using her plug when she sleeps
in size three diapers

This last week she has had four, yes, FOUR, new teeth pop in. She now has four teeth in the middle on both top and bottom.

She got five shots and two blood draws at her appointment.

They are looking into her thyroid, and a couple other things, just to make sure that this ginormous weight gain (5.5 pounds and 30% points in two months!!) is just her catching up to her friends, rather than something wrong. They will call if the labs return abnormal, but I'm not expecting a call.

She does have to go back at 15 months instead of 18 months, to check on the weight and to check for walking and talking, which they normally do at 12 months, but since she's a preemie, they do it later.

Overall, we're thrilled, and over the next month we're going to work on drinking from a cup with no lid, switch her carseat to facing forward and work on sleeping without the plug.

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my little granddaughter is growing up! Dad Shipp

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